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MyCookBox is a brilliant value recipe box that makes it easy for you to cook tasty meals from scratch - all for around £4 per person. It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

1. You pick your recipes for the week
2. We deliver a box with easy to follow recipes and simple fresh ingredients - all measured out for you - straight to your door.
3. You’re ready to cook! No planning, no shopping, no hassle, no waste.
Our flexible subscription gives you complete control to change recipe choices, skip deliveries or cancel your subscription completely. Simply log into your account to make any desired changes. If you want to change or cancel a particular delivery, make sure you do so before the 11:59pm deadline on the Wednesday before the delivery is due.

Your flexible subscription has no minimum term, so you can cancel it and stop deliveries whenever you like!

You only need to sign up once to keep your weekly deliveries rolling in - simply choose your recipes for the week and we’ll do the rest.
We pack your box with…
- The fresh ingredients you need, pre-portioned for you so there’s no waste
- Step-by-step recipe cards
- An insulated cool bag with ice packs to make sure all your chilled ingredients stay chilled
No way, here we like to keep life simple! All our recipes can be made using everyday kitchen equipment…saucepans, frying pan, a couple of baking trays, colander/sieve, measuring jug, mixing bowl, ovenproof dish, chopping board, tin foil. Oh and few utensils too including a mixing spoon, spatula, grater, peeler and a knife. That should do it.
No way, MyCookBox is for everyone - even if you’ve never boiled an egg before. We keep our recipes and ingredients simple and our step-by-step instructions are detailed but easy to follow.
Our prices are:
2 person box - 3 meals: £24.99 (£4.17 per serving)
2 person box - 4 meals: £29.99 (£3.75 per serving)
2 person box - 5 meals: £35.99 (£3.60 per serving)
4 person box - 2 meals: £29.99 (£3.75 per serving)
4 person box - 3 meals: £39.99 (£3.33 per serving)
Simply head to, click on ‘Our Boxes’, choose the box type you would like, and follow the steps to place your order.

Your Box

Yes, grab these few store cupboard basics before you get started:
Cooking oil
Olive oil
Yes, take your pick. Every week our cooks create new simple recipes and you choose three of these for your box - just make sure you pick before 11:59pm the Wednesday before your delivery!
The ingredients will stay fresh for you to enjoy them during the week that they are delivered - just make sure you store the meat, fish, dairy products, herbs and vegetables in the fridge.

If we include ingredients that need to be used sooner rather than later (such as fish) we suggest that you cook them first and we’ll add a badge to the recipe card to let you know. However, we’d always advise you to use your own judgement so you can guarantee the best from all your meals.

As a general rule, our meat will always have an expiry date of at least 5 days from the date of delivery.
We’re sorry to hear this! Please send us an email at with all your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
Our box and most of the ingredient packaging can be recycled in your normal recycling bin. The insulation we use in our cool bags is made out of recycled PET so unfortunately can’t be recycled again, please put this in your general household waste bin.

*Make sure to double check with your local council on how to recycle in your area*
Our ingredients are not organic, but we source them all from trusted suppliers who produce great tasting products.
We source all our ingredients from trusted suppliers. We work with our suppliers closely to make sure we get great tasting fresh ingredients every week.

My Account

If you need to change your account details (such as your email address or delivery address) here’s how:
- Login to your MyCookBox account
- Click on the drop down at the top right hand of the screen and select ‘My Account’
- Select the info you’d like to change, enter your changes and click ‘save’.
All changes need to be made to your account by the Wednesday at 11:59pm before your delivery.
Yes, here’s how:
- Login to your MyCookBox account
- Click on the drop down at the top right hand of the screen and select ‘My Deliveries’
- Click on the ‘Delivery Schedule’ button at the top left hand of the screen
- Here you can pause or unpause your deliveries

*PLEASE NOTE: All changes need to be made on your account by 11:59pm on the Wednesday before your delivery is due.*
- Log into your account, head to the 'my account' page
- Look for the 'account status' box, click 'stop my deliveries' and choose the drop down which is most appropriate for you
- You’ll receive a confirmation email - if you don’t receive this please get in touch to confirm it’s been cancelled.

Please note: If you are cancelling with us via our customer care team, please get in touch by 5pm on the Wednesday before your next delivery is due.
Want to come back? Wonderful. It’s easy to reactivate your account. Just follow the steps below:
- Log into your account, head to the 'my account' page
- Look for the 'account status' box and click on 'activate my account'
- You're good to go! Check the 'my deliveries' page to see when your next box is coming


We hope so! We deliver to most UK postcodes and you can check by entering your postcode in the checkout page.
We deliver on Tuesdays and Saturdays, between 8am and 7pm.
Delivery is totally free.
Don't worry if you're not in, we'll leave your box in your specified safe place - we use special packaging and insulation to keep your food fresh whatever the weather. Just make sure you pop the cold ingredients in the fridge as soon as you get back.


Payment is taken on Wednesday midnight. MyCookBox is a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) which means that we take payment directly from the card stored on your account. By operating as a CPA we can give you the flexibility to make changes to your account such as skipping weeks or changing box types.

We accept cards; VISA, MasterCard and Maestro.
If you have a voucher from us or one of our partners, here’s how to redeem it:
Head to our
- Select the box you would like to purchase
- Enter your code in the ‘voucher code’ box and click ‘apply’
- Follow the steps and complete your order.

*Please note we have a one voucher per household policy.
If your voucher code isn't working make sure you check that the box you are ordering matches the voucher that you have. Sometimes we have offers for specific boxes or plans.

If you’re still having trouble, you can get in touch with our customer care team at
Initially £1 will be taken from your account to validate the payment. This process is to validate that the card is correct and for us to process an order for you. This £1 is automatically refunded back to you.
If you need to change your payment details simply follow the steps below:
- Login to your MyCookBox account.
- Click on the drop down at the top right hand of the screen and select ‘My Account’
- Select the payment box, change the relevant information and click ‘save’.
Your details are safely and securely stored on your MyCookBox subscription so we are able to process a payment on a Thursday morning ready for your box the following week. If you have chosen to use a card to pay for your boxes your details are hidden, with only the last four digits visible on your account for reference.